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Орловская региональная общественная организация по поиску пропавших, защите и спасению людей в условиях чрезвычайных ситуаций "Поисково-спасательный отряд "Поиск пропавших детей-Орел"


Search and rescue team " Search for missing eagle children " was organized in 2011. The purpose of the squad at the time of formation, was active assistance to police officers in the protection of public order, at the time of formation of the squad was considered "Youth operational squad, which in 2012 was the best in the Opinion of the administration of city in the prevention of offenses in the youth environment in the Railway area. In 2013, the squad actively began to search for missing people, including children. The first resonance search in squad have been searching for Daniel White from the Lipetsk region. Together with the search party from Lipetsk volunteers were pasted more than 400 orientations around the city, worked out 4 areas of the city, as well as a suburban village; complex "Mega Grinn", auto and railway stations, routes of urban and suburban transport. As part of these activities, the population, employees of transport companies, employees of the shopping center were interviewed, a conversation with the local police was held. At first, the search team consisted of only seven volunteers, today the search-missing eagle children Search and rescue team has about 37 people.

Search and rescue team "Search for missing children " begins to help in the search from the moment of receipt of information in the duty of the squad, the information can be taken from relatives of the missing, and from the police or the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Orel region.

After the application is received, volunteers contact their relatives or police officers and clarify the information. Next, the duty of the search party in conjunction with the Chairman of the squad organizes search activities. The decision on the need to go to the place of the Search and rescue is made. At the disposal of the search team also has a "SMS-mailing" for emergency notification of all volunteers and concerned citizens who have subscribed to the newsletter.

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